whether you're here for you or because you must:

You are brave for deciding to see for yourself.  Immediate rejection of The New & Unfamiliar is always easiest.  Perhaps it's that you're tired of the anguish.  And/or the anger.  Hurting is exhausting.  Maybe you want to understand and know more; stress can be carried differently, or channelled in different ways.  

Maybe you've tended to enough Hope to bring you here because now you're ready. Ready to reach.  Ready to try.  Ready to grow.  Ready to move on.  Ready to be.  

Ready for possibility.  Or maybe you're just kind of curious. 

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the why

Firstly, you're not crazy.  Caring about yourself, having other people care about you, or wanting to be better, even on your own, does not make you anything short of wise. Your mental health has everything to do with even the basics of your everyday - how you feel, act, or even think. At a time when the newest generation is more scheduled than ever, one can imagine readily why perhaps, yet another appointment couldn't be ideal. However, an hour or so a week that's entirely yours can be empowering. 

the how

This is your process.  I am only a facilitator, and only to the degree in which you invite me in.  You know yourself best, and I am here to help you know yourself even better.  Your commitment to even your wanting to know more about therapy is something to be proud of, and I believe, deep down, you know that on your own.  Any questions you may have are more than welcome, and should we agree to move forward with work together, you are always welcome to revisit your choice. 

(& you're still reading)

Confidentiality, professionally and ethically, is between you and me.  I cannot relay anything you've shared to me without your signed consent, or unless there is reason to believe you are in eminent danger to yourself or others.  I will communicate as open and honestly with you, especially should that be the case, and upon beginning our work together, we will discuss all of this in further depth.  I invite you to ask me any questions you may have about this process, my experience, or further resources.  I look forward to engaging with you.

thomas jefferson

thomas jefferson